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In short name: MTS

Registered address:

    169 Lan Be street - Le Chan district  - Haiphong city - Vietnam
    Account number:  1 1 0 5 5 5 4 9    Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) - Haiphong branch
    Tax code: 0 2 0 0 6 0 7 5 4 6


   Mr. NGUYEN NGOC SON             Position: Director  

Exchanging address:    

    169 Lan Be street - Le Chan district  - Haiphong city - Vietnam
    Tel: +(84-225) 3715229                  Fax: +(84-225) 3714671     Handphone (24/24): +(84) 903.232817    

    Email: mts@mts-hp.com.vn       Website: 

Representation in HCM city:     

    Address: 41 Road No.1, KDC Phu My, Pham Huu Lau - Phu My Ward – No.7 District - HCM city - Vietnam. 

    Tel: +(84) 903232817;           Email: mts@mts-hp.com.vn;


Professional abilities

Technical staff and professional staff are consisted  of: 02 masters and 08 engineers of maritime electronic – telecommunication; 06 engineers of ship  electrical automation; 02 senior technicians. MTS can supply services: advisory, supply, installation, survey, maintenance, repair for all of marine electronic equipments, ship electrical automation systems. These services always are guaranteed to give our customers satisfaction. MTS is one of subcontractors that was approved by VR class ClassNK, BV, IBS and either ABS or KR for ship’s radio inspection. Also, some of MTS’s technicians have been issued certificates for VDR/SVDR services by VDR/SVDR manufacturers: AMI, HIGHLANDER, HEADWAY.   




With a team of officials and technicians who have specialized in the maritime industry and are seasoned persons with decades of experience, over years, MTS had a thousands of contract for repair, maintenance, supply, installation of navigation equipments, electronic equipments as well as ship electrical automation systems on the domestic and foreign vessels. Especially, a group of the MTS’s technical specialists are ability to resolve many difficult cases of technical problem for navigation/radio-electronic equipments, electric automation systems… on vessels which stays in Vietnam shipyards and ports


Scope of activities


Import, export, offer technical advice, supply as well as install marine equipment with competitive price, such as: GYRO COMPASS, RADAR, AIS, GMDSS, SSAS, GPS,VDR, SVDR, FIRE SYSTEM, AUTO PILOT, ECDIS… included it’s spare parts.

The MTS is one of best service suppliers in Vietnam for supplying services: repair, periodical  maintenance and 
insallation of marine electrical-electronic equipments.

Supply an annual radio inspection (GMDSS survey) service  for vessels under Vietnam Registry (VR), Nippon Kaiji Kypkai (ClassNK), ClassIBS, Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Korean Ship Register (KR) and performance test of VDR/SVDR under authority of follwing manufacturers: AMI; HEADWAY and HIGHLANDER.

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Director: Nguyen Ngoc Son
84 225 3715 229/ 84 903.232.81
Technical Manager: Nguyen Van Cong
84 225 3715 489/84 982.660.304