Designing advisor

Designing advisor

With strong point of the good knowledge technician team, head specialists who know very well about as well electrical – radio electronic as SOLAS  Convention,  ITU  Radio  Regulations  and  IMO Assembly Resolution concerning performance standards and the Society’s rules, the workshop in good condition and good relationship with foreign & domestic customers in many years, The MTS always satisfy the customer’s requirements in advising for designing, installation of systems, equipments that is equiped onboard a ship, such as:

  • To give shipowner professional advise for navigation equipments and electrical-electronic equipments/systems in accordance with SOLAS convention as well as the Society’s rules for each type of the ship.
  • To give professional advises in designing, installation of above mentioned equipments/systems for the ship.
  • To give professional advises in solving any fault (out of order) of the above mentioned equipment/system with the most effective solution of repair or replacement.

The MTS always hope to be cooperated with all of our customers with guideline: “ Our Customer’s satisfaction is our Company’s success

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GMDSS Annual Radio Survey/inspection, VDR(S) APT

Carry out an annual GMDSS radio survey - inspection for a vessel under authorization of many ship classification orgnization such as Vietnam Register (VR), ClassNK, Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Korean Ship Register (KR). Issuance of Shore base maintenance contract (GMDSS SBM contract).

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Repair and maintenance ship's radio, navigation & automation equipments

With a team of officials and technicians who have specialized in the maritime industry and are seasoned persons with decades of experience, over years, MTS had a thousands of contract for repair, maintenance, supply, installation of navigation equipments, electronic equipments as well as ship electrical automation systems on the domestic and foreign vessels. Especially, a group of the MTS’s technical specialists are ability to resolve many difficult cases of technical problem for navigation/radio-electronic equipments, electric automation systems… on vessels which stays in Vietnam shipyards and port

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Supply & Installation Electric-electronics equipment

Supply many kind of marine equipments with competitive price, such as: GYRO COMPASS, RADAR, AIS, GMDSS, SSAS, GPS,VDR, SVDR, FIRE SYSTEM, AUTO PILOT, ECDIS… included it’s spare parts.

For detail of these services, kindly please refer to our "Products - Equipment" tab.

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Supply spare parts & accessories for Electric-electronics equipments

Supply many kind of marine equipment's sparepart & accessories with competitive price, such as: GYRO COMPASS sphere/sensitive element, batteries for 2-way VHF / EPIRB as well as SART, MF/HF/VHF antennas, GMDSS printers, Rada's magnetrons, power supply unit.. .

For detail of these services, kindly please refer to our "Products - supplies" tab.

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Import and export services

Import and export services

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